Our gym gives you access to the most qualified fitness staff in the industry, technology superior equipment and cutting edge facilities.

Our Popular Classes

Yoga Classes

There is a gradual shift toward yoga & meditation in recent times. Thanks, to the government initiatives that has spread awareness among people regarding yoga. People are more vulnerable to stress, tension & anxiety. Embracing meditation and Yoga has shown a great impact on people’s body.

Swimming Classes

Swimming is a proven method to exercise with fun with its ample benefits. We render the best Swimming classes in Goregaon East that are beneficial for all. We mainly concern about the few factors like hygienic factors, lifeguards, infrastructure and quality of water. Here at Sweat On Fitness, you can expect world-class swimming techniques.

Dance Classes

Dancing is one of those exercises which leave a lasting impression on others. It not only pleases the person but leaves an electric impact on minds of spectators too.. Well, you see a number of best dance classes in Goregaon East to learn basics and tackle the challenges of dancing.

Weight Loss

Being in best shape always helps in healthy weight loss and control and helps in finding the dieting programs. Because of erratic lifestyle putting up on weight is a common thing. It is usually the safest and difficulty to maintain thing. There is a Best weight loss Centre in Goregaon East which has benefitted many people.

Slim and healthy !!!

Nutritional Advice

At Sweat On Fitness Studio we are able to offer you full dietary advice. We take a more holistic approach to include lifestyle (how active you are), your eating habits (nutrition) as well as structured exercise within the gym.


Personal Training

For anyone needing discipline and motivation to achieve your desired results a Personal Trainer will ensure you do. At Sweat On Fitness Studio we have two private personal training rooms, air conditioned etc.

Group Training

At this we have lots of highly qualified and dedicated staff who really enjoy helping you achieve your results in a fun and friendly environment with best trainers for young and kids fitness also.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a deeper tissue massage which allows the deeper muscles of the body to be stretched and tension released. Most people who have regular massage often prefer this type as it is very functional.






Ensure you are doing exercises correctly and provide instant feedback on how to adjust your posture, motion, and exertion to get maximum results and prevent injury.

Keep changing your workouts as you gain in strength and endurance or if a certain exercise is not working for you.

Keep your workouts interesting and fun, introducing you to using different equipment to work the same muscle groups.

You can have a positive impact on people’s lives. You can help them increase strength, improve appearance or become a healthier person.

Services We Provide

Personal Trainings

Get in touch with Iron Warriors The GYM​ to schedule your first session with our expert coaches. ​

Body Building

Body weight exercises may be first rate for weight reduction and preserving the muscle you already have.

Fitness Model

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Becoming a GGFI certified personal fitness trainer is your foundation for success
. GGFI is the only personal trainer certification program that integrates
a complete approach to fitness, wellness and business skills.